Crown Aspinalls Casino

Crown Aspinalls Casino, CVB, CC BY-SA 4.0
27-28 Curzon Street, London, W1J 7TJ
020 7499 4599

If you’re looking for a London casino that is likely to offer you an experience similar to the one enjoyed by the likes of Ian Fleming when he was writing the James Bond novels, the Crown Aspinalls Casino is the place to go. The building that it is located in was known as the White Elephant Club in the 1960s, being one of the most fascinating dining destinations in London. In 1992, however, the owner of the building, John Aspinall, turned it into a casino that bore the moniker ‘Aspinall’s’. Located in the heart of Mayfair, it is exactly the sort of place that you will want to go if you like your gaming to feel exclusive.

A Storied History

In many ways, Aspinalls Casino is a testament to the history of gambling in London. John Aspinall himself was instrumental when it came to the passing of the Betting and Gaming Act in 1960, which opened the door for casinos to be legalised. It is likely that plenty of unofficial gambling went on in the White Elephant Club, a remnant of which remains thanks to the statue of an elephant that stands outside the casino’s entrance. In fact, it has become a custom for punters to rub the head of the brass elephant, believing that it will bring them luck. If you want to bet in one of the capital’s historic casinos, this is the place for you.

A Modern Approach

In 2011, Aspinalls took on a partner in the form of Crown Resorts, an Australian company with casino resorts all around the world. It allowed the casino to develop and grow, offering punters a mix of the classic and the modern when they attend the venue. ‘Refined elegance’ are the watch words here, with the likes of baccarat, blackjack and roulette dominating the table games. There are plenty of modern touches on offer too, though, with electronic games like slot machines available for those that want to play them. The fact that you could be perched in a leather wingback instead of an uncomfortable stool just adds a touch of class to proceedings.

A Member’s Club

Perhaps unsurprisingly given everything we know about the exclusive nature of Aspinalls, the gambling is only open to members. Even if you were to have a membership for the restaurant, which we’ll tell you about in more detail shortly, you will be limited to the restaurant area and not allowed onto the gaming floor. Membership is, as you might imagine, exclusive, so you might not ever get the chance to actually place a bet in one of the numerous different gaming areas that are on offer inside the casino. With the likes of the Sapphire Room and The Gallery promising private gaming salons, you can sense the privilege it is to be there.

Dining Options

If you wish to enjoy the experience of being at Aspinalls but realise that you’re unlikely to ever get to go into the casino itself, you could head for a bite to eat at 27 Restaurant & Bar. The only problem is that that is also a private member’s offering, promising cuisines from all around the world. You can go there with a Dining Club member, which will also provide you with the opportunity to indulge in a private dining experience. If you get the opportunity to sample the food of Nicola Ducceschi and his team of culinary specialists then you absolutely should, even if the casino itself will remain off limits for you.

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