Dabbers Bingo: The Social Bingo with a Saucy Twist

Dabbers Bingo

There is no doubt that bingo is widely thought of as being an activity that is aimed squarely at the older generations. Whether it is the fact that it tends to be played in church halls around the country or that most of the bingo venues that you’ll find on the high street are filled with those of the older persuasion, bingo isn’t a young man’s game. Or maybe we should say it didn’t used to be a young person’s game, because Dabbers Bingo is just the latest in a variety of bingo game that are very much for the younger amongst you, with older people liable to blanche at what they witness.

If you’ve been intrigued by these new breed of bingo games taking place up and down the country, perhaps Dabbers Bingo might be a way to enjoy a slightly more gently introduction to the experience. Whilst it is very much still one big party, much like the others, it is also a touch more mature than some of them, depending on which night you turn up. That is because Dabbers isn’t just one night, instead offering numerous different choices for your bingo at a purpose-built venue that is all about maximising the bingo playing experience of the people who turn up to take part.

The Theme Explained

Dabbers Social Bingo logoAnyone who knows even the slightest thing about bingo will know about the dabber, which is the small marker that is used to effectively cross off the number that has been read out by the bingo caller. The fact that this particular brand of bingo is named after it is suggestive of the fact that the bingo is taken a little bit more seriously than at the likes of Bongo’s Bingo or Blingo Bingo. Located in the London borough of Houndsditch, there is a purpose-built venue that was opened in order to re-introduce bingo to the younger generations and get them enjoying it.

That isn’t to say that you won’t have a good deal of fun if you attend one of the evenings. The reality is, though, that this is a slightly more mature experience, with cocktails and food being high on the list of what to expect. The bingo is important, with the games often being played at a steady pace rather than the frenetic manner in which some of the other new-age bingo games are played at. In fact, if you’re new to the world of bingo then you’ll get an explanation of how the game is played and what sort of prizes you can expect to win, which isn’t always the case at these sorts of events.

It Is Still a Party

Sometimes your host will be a man in a tuxedo, sometimes it will be a drag queen. Dabbers Bingo offers plenty of different nights, so don’t think that you’re always going to be in for a sedate experience. The idea here is still for it to be a big party, with bingo callers replaced with comedians and cups of tea being thrown out in exchange for a boozy cocktail. The reality is, though, that the group behind the Dabbers Bingo experience love the game and are keen to get others to love it too. You will have a laugh, but the entrance hall is filled with bingo memorabilia, which tells its own story.

The who vibe at a Dabbers Bingo event is a social one, encouraging people to chat to others that they might not know, whilst the host will work hard to ensure that everyone’s having a good time. Whilst you’ll be playing bingo most of the time, there will often be a sing-song and if a particular ball is pulled out then everyone is expected to have a dance and a boogie. The founders claim to have taken the ‘best bits of bingo and given them a facelift’, which is a claim that it is difficult to disagree with for those that have been along and experienced it for themselves.

It Is Constantly Evolving

Dabbers Bingo

One of the key things about Dabbers Bingo that is worth mentioning is that it is constantly looking to evolve and change. The organisation behind it regularly hosts ‘Britain’s Next Top Bingo Caller’, for example. Far from being a competition to find the next person who can correctly call out ‘legs eleven’ or ‘two fat ladies’, however, this involves the likes of drag queens called Crudi Dench or a cabaret artist known as Sue the Cleaner taking the microphone and calling the numbers in a comedic way, hoping to earn the approval of the judges.

That sense of constantly moving forward is also why Dabbers Bingo hosts plenty of different nights, meaning that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to experience. More than anything else, though, it is an experience that puts bingo at the forefront of what it offers. You will definitely have a laugh and a party, waking up with a headache the following morning if you like a drink or two, but you will always get the chance to play some bingo and win some prizes that are at least a little bit more traditional than the sort of games you might experience at some of the other modern takes on the classic old game.

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