Bongo’s Bingo London: The Original Bingo Rave

Bongo's Bingo

Nowadays, there are numerous different bingo formats that aim to attract a younger audience. You can read about many of them in more detail elsewhere on this site, but it was Bongo’s Bingo that started the tend, aiming to make bingo an experience that isn’t just about getting your nan out of the house once a week. Whilst your grandparents might like to have a small glass of sherry every now and then, most of the people who turn up at Bongo’s Bingo will have downed a bottle of it before they head out. The word ‘raucous’ is the one that is best-suited to such a crazy night.

Bingo as a game is more typically played by what might euphemistically be referred to as the ‘purple rinse’ brigade. It has long been the preserve of the older audience, which is why there was a sense that a new version of it needed to be created that might take it away from the pensioners and allow younger and hipper people to get involved. That is precisely what Bongo’s Bingo aims to do, offering a race in between the rounds of bingo numbers. It is crazy and mad, emerging from Liverpool and taking over the rest of the world as people began to want to be a part of it all.

The Theme Explained

Bongo's Bingo logoThe truth is that there isn’t really an easily explainable theme to Bongo’s Bingo in the same way that there is with, say, Blingo Bingo or Bogan Bingo. It is designed to be a party first and foremost, with the DJ and MC happily spinning out absolute bangers throughout the night. You can expect karaoke classics, cheesy hits and race tracks all mixed together. Meanwhile, you can expect some bingo to be played every now and then. Pay attention to that because there are numerous prizes to be won and they tend to be the sort of thing that you wouldn’t expect anywhere else.

The entire point of Bongo’s Bingo is that it is inclusive, so technically everyone from an 18-year-old to a 92-year-old can turn up and enjoy themselves. Admittedly, some reviewers are of the opinion that you’d be mad to try to enjoy it sober, such is the sense that it is one big party that everyone is getting involved with. There are no barriers put in place and no limit to the entertainment, so if you’re something of a shrinking violet then this definitely isn’t the night out for you. This is the exact opposite of a boring night out, meaning that it isn’t for the faint-hearted.

The Prizes Can Be Mad

In one sense, this is just like any other bingo game you might have experienced. If you get a line then you should shout out ‘bingo’ and let the host know. Next you’ll be playing for two lines, when another shout of ‘bingo’ will see you win a prize. Finally, everyone will be trying to shout ‘House’ when they’ve ticket off every number on their card. Of course, things aren’t quite that simple when it comes to Bongo’s Bingo. Aside from anything else, a false call that you’ve won won’t be met with a polite mention that you’re actually a number out, with humiliation likely to ensue.

In a normal bingo hall, a moment when two people shout ‘House’ at the same time will result in the prize being split. At Bongo’s Bingo, however, you’ll be asked to take part in a dance off and the rest of the audience will be the ones to decide on the winner. Part of that is down to the fun of the event, but it is also because some of the prizes on offer simply can’t be split. You might be able to win some cash, but Bongo’s Bingo has been known to give away everything from a Henry Hoover to a box of Coco Pops, a sex toy to a mobility scooter; not quite what you might get at the Gala.

It Is a Rowdy Affair

Bongo's Bingo

If there is one thing that you can expect to experience at a night of Bongo’s Bingo then it is rowdiness in the extreme. It is a rave as much as anything else, with the music ranging from dance classics to Christmas hits. When the right tune comes on (or any tune if we’re being honest) then you can expect the rest of the audience to be on its feet and dancing on the tables. Previous special guests of the Bongo’s Bingo experience have included S Club, Fatman Scoop and the Vengaboys, so that might give you a sense of what it is you should expect to experience.

It is a night filled with fun and raucousness, so you should prepare yourself to be involved in a sing-a-long, a dance off or a lip-sync battle as the evening progresses. What will be taking place around you will be akin to madness, meaning that you’ll be just as likely to smile and laugh as anything else. If you happen to win a prize then you’ll be called up to collect it in front of everyone, but don’t think you’ll get away without twerking or body-popping for the baying crowd. This really is a night full of fun and excitement that is more like a big party and rave than a night at the bingo.

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