Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road

Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road, Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road
4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LJ
020 7373 7134

Located in the leafy royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Gloucester Road is one of the nicer parts of London with a casino that will not disappoint. Having undergone a recent refurbishment, the interior of the casino is has been brought in line with a number of the other casinos offered by Grosvenor all around London. That means floral-themed chairs and carpets, plus gaming options that will amuse and entertain even some of the most hard-nosed of bettors who might turn up looking to place a wager or two.

An Upscale Restaurant on Offer

It isn’t common for people to head to a casino and want to go to the restaurant almost as much as they do the gaming floor, but that is what you’re going to experience when you head to the Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road. As with the rest of the venue, it has been given an overhaul recently and looks amazing, but it is the menu that is most likely to catch your eye. The food is not only delicious but also of exceptional quality, whilst those that are so inclined can double up with some cocktails that have been crafted to please those that want to have a night of high-end experiences. It is somewhere you’ll want to take a break from your betting to pop into for sure.

Plenty of Gambling Options

Whilst taking a break from your betting in order to get a bite to eat is important, it isn’t as key to the experience that most people will want to have at a casino as getting on the gaming floor. On that front, the Grosvenor Casino on Gloucester Road has well and truly got you covered. There are a huge number of different games on offer, not least of all thanks to the 36 slot machines that promise state of the art gaming with large jackpots that you can try to win. There are also electronic roulette tables, which are great for beginners to learn on or even for those that know what they’re doing but don’t like spending too much time with other people if they can avoid it.

A Modern Yet Intimate Setting

For a lot of people, heading to the casino feels like a trip into the past. In its most simple form, all you need is a deck or cards or a roulette wheel and you can be entertained. Yet what Grosvenor have looked to do with their Gloucester Road venue is find a balance between the old-world feel of a casino and the modern touches that punters most appreciate. It is a hidden gem of a venue with interiors that promise elegance and relaxation all at the same time. Whether you’re heading into the restaurant or just onto the gaming floor, you’ll doubtless be pleased by the setting that promises intimacy and modernity at the same time.

Casino Reviews


Nice & friendly casino with a local feel located beneath the Millenium Hotel – the entrance is on the opposite side of the hotel to Gloucester Road tube but you can just walk through the tunnel that cars use when dropping hotel residents off.

The casino is a fair size considering the area and has multiple roulette, blackjack and 3 card poker tables as well as electronic roulette and slots. The one thing this casino is missing, however, is multi player poker.

Not sure if it was a special promotion but when we joined we were also given a booklet of vouchers that could be used for free drinks and credit on the slots/electric roulette.

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