Empire Casino

Empire Casino
geograph.org.uk, Paul Gillett, CC BY-SA 2.0
5-6 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NA
020 3627 0807



The empire is one of the more flashy casinos in london and feels much more like vegas than some of the dingy local casinos you get in the UK. Plus there’s pretty much always something going on at the weekends and on holidays (all the chinese holidays are well represented here – not surprising as it’s so close to china town) and every now and again some dancers will show up and shake their boobs around (more of a classy showgirls kind of way than strip club – maybe that isn’t the best choice of words).

You have to join before you can enter, but membership is free and it doesn’t take too long. The food is good (they often put on free buffets for special events) and they have multipe bars. There’s a club there too apparently but I’ve never found it, but then again I’ve never really looked for it.

There’s also a balcony you can use to go for a smoke that overlooks leicester square and I’m pretty sure you can buy cigars from behind the bar (don’t quote me on this, I could be making it up).

Dealers are friendly and the general vibe is quite upbeat.