The Palm Beach Casino

Palm Beach Casino, Palm Beach
30 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8EH
0207 493 6585

Located in the exclusive area of Mayfair in London, the Palm Beach Casino is part of the Genting chain of casinos that you can find sporadically around the capital. The casino floor is impressive, which is needs to be in order to rival the other casinos located around London. What most of them don’t have is the iconic nature of the Palm Beach casino, which has offered punters a place to take on the dealers and croupiers for more than 50 years. If the casino itself doesn’t tick your boxes, perhaps you’ll want to head to the high-stakes room, where guests can bet the big bucks in a more intimate environment than is offered on the main gaming floor.

A Historic Venue

The building in which the Palm Beach Casino is based used to be the Mayfair Hotel, welcoming customers from around the world. When it became a gaming house, the name of the venue was changed to be named after the famous Floridian beach. It is a casino that has seen its share of trouble over the years, such as in 1976 when an employee attempted to bribe a casino inspector to ignore the fact that the roulette wheel had been rigged. Four years later and it joined a few other casinos in the Coral Casino Division in being accused of an involvement with serious illegal activities. That might well explain why it was sold to the Genting Group to earn it a new reputation.

A Decent Gaming Floor

The Palm Beach’s gaming floor is obviously the main focus for a lot of people and you’re unlikely to be disappointed. As opposed to numerous other casinos in Mayfair, Palm Beach doesn’t shy away from the fact that punters are likely to want to play on slot machines, so it offered plenty of them, with some even offering progressive jackpots. There is a poker room on offer for those that likely to indulge in one of the most famous card games in the world, with cash games offered on a daily basis. There is also a high-stakes room for any of you that might want to bet big away from the glare of the main gaming floor of the casino.

Somewhere to Take a Break

If you’re spending your time in some of London’s top casinos then you might well want to have a break every now and then. The Palm Beach Casino offers you the chance to do just that, with both a restaurant and a bar on offer. In terms of the restaurant, you’re likely to be pleased with the offerings from all over the world that you can get here, to say nothing of a decent wine list and the chance to enjoy a few different cocktails. Of course, if it’s drinks that you like then you’ll be wanting to head to the bar, which is also where you can experience live music or the work of a DJ show, all whilst choosing some speciality beverages.

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