Park Lane Club Mayfair

Park Lane Club Mayfair
22 Park Ln, London W1K 7TY
020 3759 5050

If you want to do some gambling in London then there few places to do so as iconic as Mayfair. It is one of the city’s most famous areas, which is why there are so many high-rolling casinos based there. The Park Lane Club in Mayfair is part of a wider group of exclusive casinos, promising stylish décor and all of your favourite casino games all in the same place. That there is a gaming terrace on offer means that you can still get involved in your betting when the sun is shining and not feel as though you’re missing out on anything, plus you can get a bite to eat with food that is cooked to perfection by some of the best chefs in town.

An Iconic Location

The first thing to point out about the Park Lane Club Mayfair casino is that it is located in an iconic location. When we talk about that we’re not just meaning Mayfair. Instead, in order to find the casino you will need to go into the Hilton Hotel London Park Lane, which was the first member of the Hilton Hotel chain to open in the United Kingdom. It promises luxury rooms and suites that have amazing views of London, whilst the Sky Bar is worth popping into for a drink before you head to the casino. Hotel guests can get access to the casino from inside the hotel without the need to go out into London itself first.

The fact that it is in such an iconic location doesn’t mean that you should expect any snootiness, though. The dress code is smart casual, with the likes of jeans and trainers being entirely fine. It is only the likes of sportswear that would be turned down, so you don’t need to worry too much about your appearance. You can also get access to the casino for free without even needing to be a member, so that takes the stress away for most people. The dealers are friendly and more than happy to explain to you how all of the games work, should you not be particularly au fait with the world of casino games and how to bet on them all.

A Gambling Venue for All

The idea that the dress code is smart casual might, it has to be said, put some people off paying a visit to the Park Lane Club Mayfair. The reality is, however, that you don’t need to be worried. There is obviously still a certain level of respectability that customers are expected to adhere to, whilst there are private rooms on offer if you are hoping for a more exclusive evening. Whether you’re hoping to host a party here or you just ant to place high-roller bets in a bit more privacy, the casino has got you covered. You can place the likes of blackjack and roulette in the privacy of these rooms, or even hire out the entire casino if you wish.

Not everyone wants to take themselves away from the casino floor, of course, so you might be happy enough mixing with the other guests at the casino. If you choose to you can head out onto the gaming terrace where the likes of slot machines, electronic roulette and other betting choices are open and available to people all whilst looking across the skyline of Hyde Park. You can mix your betting with a Cuban cigar, say, or an interestingly flavoured shisha. If you chose to, you can look at one of the HD screens and see what the live sport is that is being broadcast. It isn’t just for when the weather is good either, being heated all-year round.

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